Political Tales book singing at the Harlow gallery a sucess

More than 25 people came out on a rainy Tuesday night to talk with and hear author Neil Rolde. And they weren’t disappointed. Rolde served in Augusta in the House or Representatives for 18 years, before then he worked as Governor Ken Curtis’s righthand man for eight years.

At the signing Rolde told more stories of what it was like passing laws in the 1970’s. And about his life, starting off as a writer trained at the Columbia School of Journalism to becoming a major figure in Maine’s political history, and becoming a historian. Rolde started out as a Republican and switched to being a Democrat after he moved to Maine. He has always been known to be able to work with anyone to get significant laws passed. He help Curtis pass the law that created income tax, it was an effort to lower property taxes.

Maine’s a unique state where the people can still talk with their local lawmakers. Many laws start with a local constituents idea, many citizens testify in committees. State government can and does work and Neil’s Political Tales show how it all happens.

There are signed copies of the book at the Harlow Gallery, 169 Water Street. Total cost $13.66. Or send a check or money order to the publisher: Polar Bear & Co. PO Box 311, Solon, Maine 04979

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