Your Money Or Your Health

booksAmerica’s Cruel, Bureaucratic, and Horrendously Expensive Health Care System : how it Got that Way and what to Do about it

By Neil Rolde

America’s health-care system is a national disgrace.

Ours is the only industrialized country in the world without a system of care that covers all its people. Sixty-one other nations have devised systems that work, delivering far better care at less cost, and boasting better health statistics overall for their populations. All current attempts to fix our system have delivered only a confusing array of rules and paperwork to patients and doctors alike. As the population grays, as the power of the unions decline and workers’ rights continue to erode, as AIDS takes its toll among us, the issues of medical costs and health-care delivery take on increasing urgency.

Author Neil Rolde takes on the powerful medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance establishments that perpetuate a no-win situation upon the American public. His lucid logic cuts through the morass of what may be the most confusing public policy issue that the nation has ever faced. He demonstrates how the present system, which operates under the grip of the profit motive and free-market ideology, can never give adequate health care to those who need it.

Your Money or Your Health debunks the myths opponents use to discredit a system of national health care – that it would provide second-class service and bankrupt us in the process. A national system could save money, and not, as its detractors claim, cost more. Rolde’s model is based loosely on Canada’s comprehensive and effective national healthcare programs.

This is a book that must be read by policymakers, politicians, and especially the general public that is being sold out every opportunity by the rich institutions to which it is forced to entrust its care. In the current jumble of political rhetoric, Your Money or Your Health is voice of sanity that everyone should read. It could make us all a little bit more sane.

Published by Paragon House, 1992 – Health & Fitness – 285 pages

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